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Garden Maintenance Programmes

Some of us don’t have the time or inclination to maintain a garden, but want a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy and share.


  • Qualified & knowledgeable gardeners
  • Flexible & same time visits
  • First visit free of charge
  • Lawn treatments
  • Hard standing areas
  • Emergency gardening
  • Compostable waste taken away for free


Maybe you have a garden party coming up, maybe you’re selling, maybe you’re away?

Whatever the reason you can depend on us thoroughly completing the tasks you require.

Garden Clearance

Some people refer to this service as “De-veg” or “Jungle clearance”. With our experience and equipment, we can quite literally flatten a jungle.

Not that we endorse the flattening of jungles, but sometimes you need a blank canvas to work from.

Garden Spring Clean

Immediately after Christmas we are inundated with requests to get the garden in shape, ready for the spring.


  • Tidy beds
  • Mulch areas
  • Edge lawns
  • Clean patios
  • Fix fences
  • Remove leaves
  • Vacuum gutters
  • Scrape roofs

Garden Lawn Care

A pucker lawn makes a statement and simply can’t be achieved without correct management. One size doesn’t fit all. This is lots to consider and we consider all of it.


  • Hollow fine aeration
  • Treatments
  • Scarification
  • Fertilizers
  • Mowing
  • Drainage

Pressure Washing Services

It’s amazing the difference a pressure washer does for a hard landscaped area. Driveways, patios, decking, walls.

We have different washers and attachments for different jobs. We can work at remote locations using our portable equipment and water source.

Treatments are also available, cleaning products, algae killers, moss killers and sealants for every material. We are very careful with what and where we use it. All our products are as eco-friendly as possible.

Hedges & Trees

Every imaginable breed of hedge and tree taken care of. We lay hedges, plant trees, topiary, prune, dethatch, treat and manage.

Hedges are a great use of spaces to divide or boarder, or make a statement.

Trees are often the beating heart of a garden. They deserve respect.

Garden Weed Removal Service

One of the invasions our gardens have to compete with are weeds. They can take the light, space and nutrients our purposeful plants need.

Whether you need weeds hand pick or require chemical management, we have the advice and resources to do so.

Creating & Maintaining Bespoke Outdoor Spaces

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